ready jelly Cup
Barcode :5555
Number of packages : 48
Number in carton : 2

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About Jelly

Jelly is made from a material called gelatin which contains protein and consumption of food containing protein and amino acid important role in bone formation and growth. 

Jelly intake for healthy hair and prevent hair thinning is very useful, also helps reduce cholesterol.

  As a matter of course, the original gelatin jelly is healthy and not fattening jelly and a small amount of sugar used in the preparation of significant harm to the body. Jelly is not high nutritional value and can not replace the original promises of food and usually it is best used as desserts and snacks for children to use them. Since the construction of colors and essences oral jelly powder is used, it should be said only when adding non-standard colors and oils consumption will harm jelly, so consumers should pay attention to the health permit product.