About Chocolate

Dinner as a drug Energy and ominous known heart amplifiers.
In some studies has been shown to reduce blood pressure and regulate cocoa cholesterol in the blood.
It is also used as a disinfectant and parasiticide placed. 

In some parts of the world of cocoa to treat baldness, burns, cough, dry lips and eyes are used.
Energy cocoa and eliminate depression, difficult childbirth, pregnancy and is rheumatism.
Local wines also benefit in the treatment of snakebite and injury. 

Due to the tannins in the bark and roots of cocoa, the anti-tumor activity of this plant had been anticipated.
Pure and unrefined cocoa strong antioxidant effect in the prevention of heart disease and cancer, but the process of making chocolate, cocoa antioxidant lot of material is removed. So we can say that chocolate made from cocoa processing plant because of the useful properties of cocoa beans is not pure.